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About the Site Owner. I am a self-employed Software Developer with passion in I.T industry. Recently, I am excited about the development features of Amazon Web Service.  It provides any developer has an opportunity working in enterprise scale network environment to develop a large scale system such as multinational ERP System, Big Data Analytics System, IOT […]

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System Software Development My goal is to build a personal big data server. Data source comes from IoT devices and Web Services Agents respectively. The IoT devices are robotic cars, humanoid robots, ip camera, and all kind of sensors. The Web Services Agents are a collection of software program, it tries to capture all valuable […]

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Robot , IoT & Automation Manufacturing ERP & Automation Solution. .Implementing Iot (Internet of things) connectivity let machine talk to machine. .Implementing a Dashboard to monitor the production status. Platform & Tools: Mac Server, Mac Computer, iPod, Arduino board.   Arduino Uno WiFi Board Switch Auto Pilot / WiFi Control Communicate to Host Server (In […]

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“Mother Earth is a source of life, not a resource.” – Chief Arvol looking horse   Sea Pollution Over 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities. From plastic bags to pesticides – most of the waste we produce on land eventually reaches the oceans, either through deliberate dumping or from run-off through drains and […]

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Smart Home Project Development

My Smart Home Project, I created a smartphone app which allows me to monitor my home environment and controlling the appliances from any place in the world.
I built the whole environment including hardware design, chipset programming, AWS cloud network, web services, and smartphone app.

1) 我正尋找一位 Electronic Engineer 加入工餘團隊,

2) 非常歡迎任何機構投入資金,參與共建香港智能品牌.

發展一套自家Smart Home品牌,

Smart Home Devices

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